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2013 Episode 4: Awards and the Playlist — Sun Oct 11 2020

In episode 4 the boys discuss their favorite and least favorite albums of the year. Afterwards an essential playlist is created, which can be found below:2013 Essential PlaylistFinally the next year of the show is selected. For season 2 we will be...

2013 Episode 3: Discovery — Sun Oct 11 2020

Episode 3 is where the boys force each other to listen to new albums and give out superlatives for the year.  

2013 Episode 2: Popular Music — Sun Oct 11 2020

Episode 2 is where the boys discuss the billboard, the grammys, popular music of 2013, and check in with Jimmy Buffet. For those who want to check out a 2013 playlist billboard you can find one here.The Billboard Top 10 from 2013:1 | "Thrift Shop" |...

2013 Episode 1: Overview  — Sun Oct 11 2020

In episode 1 of the Boys are Back in Time, the boys discuss what are some of the biggest things happening in music that year by genre. Each year we use a playlist to help each other get exposed to a wide variety of artists, the 2013 playlist can be...