The Boys Are Back in Time

About Us

A little bit about the show

What is the Boys are Back in Time?

The Boys Are Back in Time is a podcast dedicated to the celebration of music new and old. Conceived under the idea that every year in the modern era contains great music, the podcast tackles music one year at a time. Each year acts as a season of the show with individual episodes dedicated to:

  • Overview and what was going on in the year by genre
  • Popular music through the lens of the Billboard Top 100 and the Grammys
  • Music discovery and sharing
  • Awards, superlatives and our favorite music from the year
  • Bonus episodes with topics relevant to the year, deep dives on specific artists, and albums depending on the year

How does it work?

Bryan, Bobby, and Ryan spend approximately a month for each season diving into that year of music. We create a playlist intended for discovery, share albums with each other, and check out the billboard top 100. We share these playlists, albums and songs with our audience as well.

One of the main goals of the podcast is create a platform for people to discover music that is both old and new. So each season will be interactive, with input from members of our audiences. We will be actively soliciting requests for what to listen to. Sharing actively throughout the year on social media including the song of the day on twitter and discussions on Facebook.

Every year is available for selection from 1965 up to the present year. Each year is selected at random with a couple of rules. The first rule is, the year cannot be from one of the last two decades we have covered. This is to ensure we are mixing it up between the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s sufficiently. Secondly every adjacent year is disqualified to ensure variety as well, for example 1979 is not available if we just did 1980.

Why do this?

With the advent of streaming and passage of time there is so much great music to discover, but rarely a social way to do so. We are hoping to make the discovery old music more personal, rewarding, and fun.

It is easy to find places online to check out music from the current year, but there isn't a great platform for really capturing the essence of what was happening in past years that isn't narrowly focused on specific artists, genres, or songs.

We all share the perspective that basically every year since 1965 is a great year for music if you look hard enough. So while some may exclusively listen to music from the 60s, 80s or today, we are looking to discover and enjoy music from every year, and to be able to do it with a group of people.

Where can I find the podcast and the playlists?

We are available on all major podcast hosting platforms including iTunes, Spotify, and of course this site.

We will share our playlists on our social media platforms and on this site. See below for links to those pages:

Who are we?

We are three music fans that conceived of this idea over a year ago and started working towards being ready to go. We have shared music with each other for most of our lives and share tastes but most importantly we share a passion for music discovery. We are all musicians and have played music together for over a decade.

Bryan is the most neurotic of the group and has had large playlists for every year in music going back to 1965 since the mid 2010s. The idea of listening to those playlists socially was the what helped create the idea of this show.